Human Rights Tribunals Tools of Islam

The insane and ridiculous 'human rights' tribunals are showing, more and more, how they are a tool of elitists to impose tyranny and strip freedoms …

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Video Link: The Rebel Media - Faith Goldy

Canadian leftists in the "human rights" tribunals are being duped into imposing Sharia, a little bit at a time, in Canada.
Please read this article by Faith Goldy telling of how John (a Christian landlord) was forced to pay for legal fees to defend himself against human rights charges due to not taking off his shoes in his own rental property while showing potential new tenants the rental. Why? because his current tenants were Muslim. On top of that, the tribunal ruled that he must pay a $12,000 for hurting the feelings of these muslims.
The insane and ridiculous "human rights" tribunals are showing, more and more, how they are a tool of elitists to impose tyranny and strip freedoms from law abiding Canadians, in order to further whatever the agenda of the day is. These government boards are not tools to protect honest citizens from cruel and unusual treatment, they are not innocent until proven guilty courts, they are guilty until proven innocent weapons against anyone who would oppose leftist ideologies and agendas.
I am not a person who has spare money lying around, but I have chosen to sacrifice in order to help a little guy who has been beaten down by the system. Will you join Faith Goldy, myself, and others in helping John pay his ridiculous fine so that he doesn't have to bear this burden on his own?

Click Here to help the Christian man John Alabi

Let's stand together and fight against the growing movement of tyranny in this land. Let's start by supporting John and lets look for other ways to send a message to government that this kind of treatment is completely irresponsible and unacceptable in a free and democratic society.


Jim Blake

Jim Blake is the National Chairman of Concerned Christians Canada. He is the husband of one wife and a father of seven children. He has been a guest speaker at church events, has been involved in pastoral conferences, has been a presenter at political events involving both Christians and non-Christians, and has advocated for the rights of individuals who have been persecuted for sharing their faith.

Mr. Blake has been a spokesman for Christian values in the secular media and on Christian Radio and TV. He has also been in talks with leaders from Church and Parachurch organizations and have had one-on-one meetings with high ranking politicians.

Praise be to God for the doors that the Lord has opened for our National Chairman and Concerned Christians Canada.

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