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Helping the homeless

Concerned Christians Canada has been fighting for Orthodox Christian and Traditional Family Values since 1996. Please consider joining ccc (http://www.concernedchristians.ca/join-ccc) and supporting our organization. Thank you and God bless! Please also pray for the work and ministry of concerned Christians around the world who keep praying, acting and making a difference!

As Christians, Christ has called us to be salt and light, salt that flavors and light that brightens our world and brings glory to God. Concerned Christians Canada (CCC) was created to advocate for Christian and traditional family values at all three levels of government, and to encourage Christians to rise to the call of Christ - to put on the breastplate of righteousness, in everything from family life, to the way they operate their businesses, to their involvement in their their local church, their community, and society at large. 

If you care about society, about the direction that it is going in, and the fact that laws of this land are being violated by our leaders and officers, join us in making a difference.


1.) Become a member of our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/concernedchristians/) - by becoming a member of this group, you are saying that you care about the future of Canada and are committed to restoring Biblical values and freedoms to Canada.

2.) Give us a hand financially -
Here's a quick and easy way to send CCC a little financial support and encouragement (Click here to Donate) to aid in the work and ministry that we do. If you believe in what we are doing, please help us out as we have many initiatives underway and all of them cost us. We do them all by faith, but your help and support would be a real encouragement to us and an aid to others.

CCC works in co-operation and co-ordination with other organizations and individuals across this nation that want to work to make Canada strong again.
CCC also runs different initiatives to help single moms, the homeless, people who are jobless trying to get back on their feet, indigenous ministries overseas, we run action campaigns, we are active in protests, rallies, political campaigns, political parties and policy conventions. Needless to say that there are many expenses and we do it all by faith, but every bit of support and teamwork is a real help and encouragement and enables us to stretch further, do more work, and help more people.
CCC (founded in 1996) has been fighting for years against the politically and legally evil trends in our society. It's been a lonely and thankless road with few supporters, but we keep fighting, keep ministering, and getting involved in various initiatives and campaigns, and running our own campaigns and initiatives, to do whatever we can to activate ourselves and other Canadians to pray, act, and make a difference for this generation and generations to come.
We are not supported by churches, or any other support mechanism and run all of our campaigns using our own private funds. Whatever generous encouragements, whether large or small, we receive from people with a heart for our continued work, ministry, and efforts helps us to and press on toward the goal.
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