People don’t like to hear repent but they need to…

Warn the Living

To sin is human. To repent, abstain and call others to do the same is Christian. To be Christian doesn’t mean you never fail anymore but that when you do, you don’t smugly pretend your sin was okay, you recognize that each and every sin a person commits is a horrible crime against a holy … Read more

Do You Believe in Freedom For All People Groups in Canada or Just Some?

Headlines from 1982 proclamation of the Charter

Please visit here and read sections 1 (Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms) and 2 (Fundamental Freedoms) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (don’t worry they’re short). Then, please visit and read section 1 (again a short read). After reading these two constitutional documents, do you believe in the Charter of Rights … Read more

Warning: Premier Kathleen Wynne is Turning Classrooms into Pornography Classes


Who has access to your child during school hours? They are identified in the curriculum guides as individuals and organizations that have ‘expertise and resources’ that are directly linked to the curriculum. A curriculum that teaches a world view of sexuality and gender that is much different than yours. For a list of some of … Read more

God Save Us From Deceitful Doctrines and Lying Tongues

Repent and Be Born Again

God save us from the belief that one can go on sinning wilfully after coming to the knowledge of the truth, and not expect condemnation. God save us from doctrine that teaches that God will be mocked. God save us from those who would rob us of the warnings throughout scripture (pre and post-resurrection) that … Read more

Alberta’s 2015 Election: Think Before You Vote

A worthy read and a point well made: Article Link: IWUZ Socialism Remembered (Updates in brackets)  I lived in Saskatchewan from 1945 until 1975. During most of that time, the province was ruled by the socialist CCF, now called NDP. Their rule continued, with brief interruptions, until 2007 when the small c conservatives of the Saskatchewan … Read more

Franklin Graham: Is The World No Longer Shocked By Christians Having Their Heads Cut Off?


All of these atrocities go on and the United Nations sits on its hands doing nothing, thumbing their noses at evil and yawning. Evidently all is well in the world when Jews and Christians are brutally murdered, but the moment a Christian or Jew hurts the feelings of other groups, “CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!” … Read more

Canadian Province Forces All Doctors to Do Abortions or Refer for Them |

Source: Canadian Province Forces All Doctors to Do Abortions or Refer for Them | Fifty years ago doctors were prohibited by the Hippocratic Oath–and most laws–from assisted suicide and abortion. Now, we see the opening stanzas of forcing doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals to be complicit in such killing actions or be … Read more