Money Talks, Money Walks: the Battle for Religious Freedom

Article Link: CHP Canada Tue, February 24, 2015   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 22    Issue 8 On March 4th, 2015, there will be an exodus of sorts from a Canadian bank near you. It’s actually a movement…a movement of money. Known by the catchphrase of Move My Money (hashtag #movemymoney), the purpose of … Read more

One Man’s Heretical Claim That the Bible is not Literally True

Today I was introduced to a man I could only describe as a pure nut. He is, in fact, the heretic he claims all Bible believing Christians are ( He clearly states that he didn’t like the truths of Christianity, and so he had a crisis of faith. So from this place he was faced … Read more

Christmas is not of Christ


Amazing how North American Christians desire to relish in gluttony, covetousness, greed and paganism during this time of year, and say, “Jesus is the reason”. The Messiah has nothing to do with this “season”, and never did. Everything about it comes from pagan and Babylonian practices. There is no putting Him back in “Christmas”, and … Read more

A move to unify Alberta “Conservatives”?


Below you will find the article written by Rick Bell of the Calgary Sun. An interesting peace that asks an interesting question at the end of it. That question being, “What was the Wildrose all about?” This is a good question, indeed. Those of us who were involved in the building of what was the … Read more

I have to say, I am disappointed….


I just listened to a podcast put on by Kevin Olenick (…/agree-or-disagree-the-…/), that was very balanced. Well done Kevin, and rare in this day and age. A friend of mine, Jojo Ruba, was one of the speakers (I liked much of what he had to say). The view that Jojo put forward, that I agree … Read more

Rally at CBE (Calgary Board of Education)

A view of the Alberta Legislature building minutes after a severe rain storm taken from the roof of the Annex building in Edmonton on August 23, 2012.   (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal) This is a High Dynamic Range HDR image created from a single RAW image using PhotoMatix Pro.

Where: Calgary Board of Education When: 12 pm December 13, 2014 Individual Citizens, families and educators are concerned about proposed legislation that was nearly passed this week. Alberta’s Premier paused the passing of the bill for further public consultations and it’s a good thing too. Government should not be taking the roll of legislating that … Read more

The Church is High on Paganism

Churches and Christians having Halloween parties to reach “trick or treaters” makes as much sense as them having “orgy night” or “pornography night” to reach sex addicts, “shot night” to reach alcoholics, “high night” to reach drug addicts, “pig out night” to reach people with eating disorders, “suicide bomb night” to reach terrorists, “boxing night” … Read more